Some feedback from clients

Since the two sessions with you, things have been a lot better between me and my partner.

Even when we have disagreements they don’t escalate and they don’t last long.

At the moment, things are going quite well and – even though we have been at your practice only a few times – we have learned a lot and have been encouraged to try out new things. A noticeably positive development.

I had never seen it like that. You always manage to put me back on track.

The question about the ‘miracle’ was really helpful. Since then I’ve been thinking about it a lot.

I like it that we also focus on practical solutions here.

Talking to you has really helped me, the atmosphere was good, I have understood quite a few things a lot better.

Being asked about the goal was often hard work for us, but it has always put us back on track.

Ever since we came here, I have begun to ask myself different questions. That helps me to deal with my problems.

We wouldn’t have thought that we would get so close to each other again so quickly. We didn’t realise how little it would take to change things for the better.


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